Dear Eva Joy,

You’re 4 months old today! Your face lights up when anyone gives you attention. You are such a light in our life. We love getting cuddles from you and making you laugh so much that you get hiccups.

Eva Joy 4 months in the bouncer

Here are things you did this month:

  • You learned to roll from your tummy to your back.
  • You’re learning to grasp things with your hands.
  • You love to suck on your hands (and any toy that happens to be in your hand).
  • You can support yourself on your legs when we hold you.
  • You coo when we talk to you!

You also went on your first holiday and officially became an American citizen! (Yes, you’re only 4 months old and now haveĀ 2 passports!) Wow, what a busy month for such a little girl.

Eva Joy 4 months old 2

Eva Joy 4 months old 1


Mummy xo