I was going to write about yesterday’s 4th of July celebrations, but since I don’t have time the time to look at the photos on my camera, I’ll participate in Five Minute Friday instead. When you’re done reading here will you go visit Lisa-Jo’s blog and check out some other’s posts? Or maybe participate yourself?

Here we go…

I’ve been finding beauty in the most unlikely places. Even pain is beautiful these days. The pain of losing a child 4 months ago. The beauty in sharing our story of God’s goodness through it. The beauty in the friendships that have deepened because of a trial. The beauty in new friendships because of a trial. The beauty in allowing others to be the body of Christ for us. The beauty in getting hugs from my sweet boy when life is tough.

The beauty in crying out to God like Job did when he had everything stripped away from him. The beauty in praising God through the storms of life. The beauty of doing that with my husband. The beauty of sharing some of my pain with those around me. The beauty in someday seeing how God works all things together for good. The beauty in God’s sovereignty.

The beauty in a friend’s hug and sympathetic tears. The beauty in having to share my story again because someone didn’t know.

Somehow it’s all so beautiful, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand why.

 Five Minute Friday