It’s time for Five Minute Friday again! I love doing these things. It’s a challenge for me to write without editing for 5 minutes flat. So here I am linking up at Lisa-Jo’s place today. You can go pay the folks over there a visit when you’re done reading here!

Home Assignment is never easy. We’re always going from place to place to visit people and raise support. This time it was no different. Except we had our 14 month-old son with us.

In some ways, I felt sorry for him because he was stuck in between all our meetings and travels. Stuck in between pieces of luggage in the car, stuck in between us with a few toys as we’re meeting with supporters. Sometimes stuck in between Grandma and Grandpa… which I’m certain they didn’t object.

We’re still kind of in between right now as we settle back into life in this country. In between time zones, even though they’re 6 hours different. In between the UK and the US. Transition back to home. It’s good to be home, but in some ways my heart is still in between here and the US. We have a ministry and friends here. It feels like home. And it’s so good to be back

But as missionaries, I’m pretty certain we’ll always feel a little in between things. Not really at home in our host country, and not really home in our home country.

Five Minute Friday