It’s official. Asher is a third culture kid. I never realised what a cultural experience being in the US would be for him until we got here. He’s enjoying it so far, though. He’s seen live turtles and snakes, played with a toy gun (as a leaf blower… ha!), played in wide open spaces, climbed a tree, and played in a creek. We’ve had a busy couple of weeks travelling to visit friends and supporters, so I’m getting caught up on photos this week! I think photo posts might be sporadic in the next few weeks. Anyway, here’s last week and this week’s photos.

117 digging in the compost

118 walking with daddy

119 red wagon

120 paddle pool

121 where i stand

122 sunset on the road

123 lunch in missouri

124 settlers of catan with friends

125 walkin baby

126 tri coloured beech

127 asher's new friend