It started as a normal Friday evening. Leon and I were cleaning up from dinner, and Asher had decided to practice his newly-found skill of climbing onto the settee. I had been sitting with him briefly, when I decided it was time to get a bottle ready for him before bedtime. As I filled the kettle, I heard tears. And screaming. Lots of it. Then my mum said the dreaded words, “There’s blood.” I freaked out. Leon rang the doctor on call, and they advised us to take Asher to A&E (Accident and Emergency; American English=ER) to be looked at since his head had’t stopped bleeding entirely (the major stuff had been stopped somewhere in the chaos… I managed to think clearly enough to get a rag out to hold on Asher’s head).

So… around 7 pm, when Asher was supposed to be in bed, Leon and I were off with Asher to A&E. The nurses saw us to a special children’s waiting room, and the doctor saw us quicker than I expected to be seen. She said that what happened to Asher was quite common, and not to worry too much. She prescribed the cut on his head be sealed with glue.

We waited forever for the nurse to come clean up Asher’s wound and apply the glue. When she finally came, she wasn’t the most friendly nurse we’d met. She commented on how she always puts way too much glue on wounds… As she was covering the back of our son’s head with the stuff. She left the room in a hurry and we were sent on our way. Once Asher was carefully bundled, minding the wet glue on his head, we returned home.

Remember the amount of glue that the nurse put on Asher’s head? Well, apparently it was still wet when we put Asher’s coat on, and his hood got glued to his head! We had to use scissors to cut the fleece from the hood to get it off Asher’s head. I’m just glad he wasn’t glued to the car seat instead. A week later, and he still has some coat fleece on his head!

Ah, well, we can laugh about that now. And I’m certain this is just the beginning of (hopefully not very) many trips to A&E. God knew it would be good for me to be the mother of a little boy!