Illness struck our home with a vengeance last week. (Or maybe it was just a spiritual attack on our family.) Tuesday Asher woke up with a tummy bug, and Leon got the flu. I was left to care for everyone in our family, all the while praying Eva Joy and I wouldn’t get the flu or tummy bug. By the end of the week, Asher and Eva Joy had colds. Leon began to feel better, and I couldn’t escape the flu.

Hedding Illness

It’s times like this when I wish we lived closer to our extended family so someone could come help us out. I’m thankful for the church family God has blessed us with. A friend of ours brought us some chicken soup when my entire weekly menu got thrown out the window due to illness. We had other offers of help, too. Of course, who wants to come to our home when we’re all poorly with the flu? It’s the thought that counts, I guess.

It’s never ideal when everyone gets ill at once, but at least God is good through it all. At least we can rely on Him as we sniffle, shiver and cough our way through the bare minimum required of us in this short season of our lives. The house may not have been cleaned and laundry may not have been put away, but our kids were cared for while we got the rest we needed to recover from the flu!