Wow, what an incredible year this has been.  It amazes me how everything has seemingly slipped by, and I am once again writing a (now belated) Christmas/year-end letter.  I hope this letter finds you well and blessed as 2010 begins.
It always seems like a lot has happened when I sit down to think what I’m going to share with you from year to year.  It’s overwhelming at times, but I realize that God is faithful and is strong in our weaknesses.

In January one of the biggest changes I made was leaving my teaching job at Little Red School House to return working at Staples.  It was the best decision I could make regarding my career.  God has certainly blessed me in that.
March was a celebratory month.  My roommates, other friends, and I had the longest birthday celebration on record for my roommate Andrea.  After all was said and done, we celebrated for eleven days!  We did everything from a progressive dinner to a Wii tournament and cocktail party.  It was certainly an affair to remember.
May was a very busy month. I went camping with my roommates Katie and Heather at Brown County State Park in Indiana.  The Lord revealed His faithfulness to me by blessing me with a promotion at Staples–I am the Copy and Print Center Expert.  That means I’m in charge of the department and responsible for how it runs.  My family also took a trip to visit extended family in Petoskey, Michigan over Memorial Day weekend in order to honor my Grandma Agre.  During that trip, I also finally got to make a trip to Mackinac Bridge!
Dear college friends Melissa, Bethany, and Amanda visited Kentucky in August.  It is always good to spend time with them–this time we produced our own cooking show, and spent time shopping at Findlay Market in Cincinnati.
This year brought about quite a different holiday season.  Back in July, my boyfriend Leon came into my life.  By November the Lord brought a change in our lives that we never expected.  God has been so faithful in that!  It was a blessing to celebrate Christmas three times this year.  I had the usual celebration with my family, and again with Mom’s side of the family in Michigan.  In between, I celebrated Christmas with Leon and his family in Illinois.
I pray you have a happy and blessed new year.  I hope you look forward to the blessings He’ll bring in 2010!!
In Christ,