Dear Asher,

Today you’re 2 years old! It’s so fun to see your personality coming out more every day. You’re growing up, and Daddy and I love watching you grow.

Asher is 2-1

  • Your language skills have taken off! In the last year, you went from confidently using sign language to trying to say new words and copy everything Daddy and I say.
  • You love cars and animals. Your favourite stuffed animal is still Monkey (or “Gah-key,” as you call him).
  • You’re so eager to “help” me with things around the house. You’ve learned to put cutlery away and set it on the table. You can also put all your own socks away.
  • Your favourite place to go is the library. Not only do you love looking at books and being read to, you also love running around.
  • You became an international traveller this year. You went to Turkey and visited America for the first time. You’re good at travelling for a toddler!
  • We love listening to you pray at meals and before bed. It’s neat to see your heart for God and Jesus already.
  • You’re excited to explore and try new things. Last week, you discovered how much fun finger painting is.
  • You’re going to be a great big brother!

Asher is 2-2

Asher is 2-3

Happy Birthday Asher!

I can’t believe you’re two already! I hope your 3rd year is just as exciting and fun as the last two.


Mummy xo