The London Olympics have been so much fun! I think the Brits know how to do the Olympics. :)

Hyde Park had a venue set up where we could go and watch the Olympics for free! They had five big screens set up, and different events on each screen. Of course, we had to take advantage of this free event. Like everything with the London Olympics, the atmosphere was a lot of fun!

We happened to be at Hyde Park when the Men’s Triathlon was running right there in the park! It was exciting because a Brit was in first and third positions toward the end of the race. We didn’t get to see the actual race, but we watched it on the big screen. I enjoyed watching the Brits win the gold and bronze medals. I must say that it has been easy to get caught up in the excitement of Team GB since we live in the UK. ;)

After the triathlon was over, we watched some other events on the screens and spent time together as a family before we decided to see if we could go get into the Olympic Park! (But that is another post for another day!)