One thing I’ve noticed since moving to England is that the weather is a common topic of conversation. Now, I know that people in the US talk about it, too. But it’s nothing compared to the fascination the English seem to have with weather. Even random strangers will strike up a conversation about the current weather.

Image Source: Violette79

The other day, I had a conversation with our grocery delivery man:

Delivery Man: It’s kind of muggy out, isn’t it?

Me: Yes, it is. At least it’s warm.

Delivery Man: It looks like it might rain, too.

Me: It feels like it, but you just never know…

The weather is such a good topic of conversation because you never know what will happen. On Thursday last week Asher and I were coming home from a mum’s group. We had just gotten inside the door, and seconds later the rain just started to chuck it down (as some say here). It continued like that for an hour. Then I heard thunder a couple of times, which is a treat for me since England doesn’t get too many thunderstorms. :) Friday, as I was getting in the car for my driving lesson, my instructor and I then spent a couple of minutes chatting about Thursday’s weather!

There have been other times when I’ll go into Carlisle’s city centre to run some errands. I usually walk (or in pre-motherhood days, cycle) since we don’t have a car. During that time, I’ve seen the weather turn from rain, to hail, to snow, back to rain… and by the time I get home, the sun is out again.

How is that not exciting?

So, how’s the weather today where you live?