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What a better way to spend a Friday evening than with family… playing the Game of Life! Growing up, we played it occasionally with my mom or grandma on a day off from school, but I haven’t played it since then. As cheesy as the 1970s version of this game is, it was a lot of fun to play it as a family—with our spouses. :)

We’re enjoying ourselves—as you can tell by the smiles on our faces
Our game board… this was the 1977 version of the game… Art Linkletter was on the money! :)

According to our game, I was a lawyer married to a physicist and banker. Becky was also a lawyer married to someone with just a university degree. And let’s not forget that in the Game of Life, you get $500 for each child that’s born (Wouldn’t that be nice in real life?). Oy, such a fun and crazy game… and a lovely time spent with family.

What do you enjoy doing with your family?

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