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This past week we’ve spent our time in Illinois with some friends and Leon’s family. It has been lovely to see family… we even got to see Kelli, Leon’s sister!

On Friday, the Heddings chopped down an old tree in their back garden that was needing to be removed. It was fun to watch the guys at work.

Leon really enjoyed using that chainsaw!

But first we had to get one last photo in front of the tree! :)

Crazy family photo

Then the fun began. First they had to tie a rope in the top of the tree to help pull the top part down. Then they cut off some of the branches to help with taking down the tree. It was a windy day, so it made me kind of nervous to see such a large piece of wood swaying whenever the wind changed directions. I’m glad I chose to watch with our nephew and Leon’s aunt. It was much safer on the back porch!

Watching the tree come down was great entertainment for our 2 year-old nephew!

After the top was taken down and shouts of “timber!” from everyone around, it was time to take down more branches before the guys could cut down the rest of the tree. It was kind of cool to see them all pushing the tree down once it was ready to come down.

Kelli, Leon, Lucas, and Loren being silly after the rest of the tree came down

Once the entire tree came down, the excitement was over, except for cutting up all the remaining bits of the tree. That resulted in some pretty silly things before everyone got cold, hungry and ready for lunch!

Lucas & Loren playing “chicken” on a log

Over all, it was a very productive Friday morning!

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