This past weekend was a little less of a wander for us. We spent our time settling back into life in Carlisle. I’m enjoying cooking in my own kitchen again, and Leon is enjoying being back at work in the office.

The jet lag has finally passed! It took some time, as I learned during our trip to the US that being pregnant doesn’t bode well with getting over jet lag. Better to do it now than with a baby, I suppose.

Image credit: antigone78

We wasted no time getting connected again. Friday evening, I went to a team ladies’ event. Once a month, the OM ladies get together for an activity of some sort. This month it was baking Christmas cookies! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to make up some dough to bring this year. I’ve been too busy getting reacquainted with life in Carlisle. However, it was good to reconnect (and meet for the first time) with some of the ladies on the team after being gone for so long!

Saturday was a day of full-fledged recovering from jet lag (and fighting off the colds we got while travelling home). We slept in until 10:00! Neither Leon nor I can remember when we did that last! It was bliss. We spent our time fixing things up and settling into our house again.

On Sunday, it was lovely to go to church again. We were so blessed by the warm welcome we received. It’s really nice to reconnect with friends after having not seen them for 2 months.

What does this week hold? More settling in. We both jumped back into our daily routines today. Hopefully we continue to settle in as the week progresses!

What does this week hold for you?