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When I worked at the Staples Copy Center, there were days when I wouldn’t get anything done. We would be so busy that I’d spend my entire day taking orders and never filling any. It was either that or machines would break, keeping me from getting anything done… which meant I spent all morning or afternoon on the phone with the repair people. Unproductive day? Perhaps.

Now that I’m a mother, I experience the same thing. Some days I just can’t get anything around the house done with an infant at home. I’m a goal orientated person, and so I get frustrated when I can’t get anything done. But am I really having an unproductive day? Not really when you think about it.

Children are unpredictable. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. There are days when they need extra attention. They need Mummy to take time away from her to-do list to give them a little extra attention and love. As a result, that to-do list gets neglected, and things don’t get done. Or so you think.

I remember reading somewhere (can’t remember where) that even though things aren’t getting done around the house, you’re still being productive. You are investing your time into the life of your little one. You’re playing with him, comforting him, feeding him, teaching him. You’re showing him Christ.

There are days when I still struggle with this, and I know it’s a continuous lesson I’ll keep learning as Asher gets older. These days slip by so fast, and I want to enjoy them and not focus on what I’m not getting done.

Let’s talk. How do you handle those days when life happens and you just can’t get anything done?

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