Today’s #Reverb10 prompt – What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? 

Welcome home! My husband carrying me
across the threshold at last.

2010 has been a year full of decisions of large proportions. One of the decisions I had to make when moving to England was what I will be doing once I get there. Do I join OM? Do I get a job in the community? Do I jump in right away? Do I take my time and explore various options?

The wisest decision I made this year was not to get involved right away. My husband and I decided that it would be better and less overwhelming to not dive in head-first into something when I have new husband, home, people, culture, and country to adjust to.

This has given me the opportunity to learn my way around as well as meet people and set up our home (make it less bachelor-ish :p ). Because I have had this time I’ve really enjoyed being able to establish a routine for taking care of our home, meet with ladies for shopping, coffee, and the like. I’ve been able to focus on the partnership side of our ministry by keeping in touch with people. I’ve developed my hobbies more, and even discovered new ones. Who knew I’d discover a love for writing and that I’d want to continue it on a blog?!? In a way, this time of waiting has helped me to rediscover myself.

Granted, I’ve only been here for two months, but I’m really glad that I’ve taken the time to slowly ease my way into life in Carlisle. It hasn’t been easy at times, and there are times when I would like to have what I’m really going to be doing figured out already. The decision to take my time has taught me patience and dependence on God. I’ve been told it was a very wise decision by several people here on the OM team, and I have to agree. Sometimes it’s wise to wait.