It has been so fun to see Asher’s personality come out more in the past few weeks. I’m certain every parent goes through this with their kids, but it’s new for me.

Every day Asher still does something new. Does the newness ever go away? Asher is growing into the toddler stage very well. There are little things that he does that I could find annoying, but I try my best to enjoy them because they won’t last. Some days it’s only by God’s grace that I enjoy them… and that’s ok too.

Just today he started running through the house while making a lot of noise. Leon described it as “little boy noise.” Otherwise, I have no idea where he figured out how to make sounds like that!

Asher had a cold last week. With that came the need for a lot of hugs and kisses (which he has also learned recently). As you can imagine, snotty and slobbery kisses from a sweet toddler aren’t always pleasant. At least they’re endearing, especially when you make a game of it and trick him into kissing your cheek instead of your lips.

A little personality is emerging. It’s so fun to see the little person Asher is becoming. For example, Asher loves his wellies. So he brings them to me when he finds them and signs “please” for me to put them on him. One day he wore them with his jammies all morning!

I know there are fun things at every stage of childhood, but toddlerhood has been fun so far (despite the few tantrums and Asher finding his own will)!