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The last 2 weeks, I talked about how I became a morning person by getting up early to meet with the Lord. It’s so important to have that time with Him before the rest of my family wakes!

Now on to having a productive morning…

I thought I’d share with you how I’m attempting to get myself organised in the mornings. This helps me with my productivity not just in the morning but throughout the rest of the day (aside from LeechBlocking Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

This is a glimpse inside of my homemaker’s binder. It’s still a work in progress, but if you’re looking for ideas for how to get yourself, your family and your home organised, here you go. I’ll even include links to the pdf’s I designed and used so you can feel free to download them, use them or use them to create your own.

I’ve had a homemaker’s binder for a couple of years now. It’s been until now that I’ve finally found a system that works. If you want to make your own, I’d urge you to search the internet for ideas and make one that will work for you.

I started with a basic binder with page protectors, and divided into 4 sections: Family, Shopping, Home and Contacts. You might notice that I was too lazy cheap frugal to buy my own dividers so I made my own. :)

My family section includes:

My Shopping section includes:

  • Menu Plan—This is a work in progress. The menu pictured is not the one that I attached because I figured out my previous one wasn’t working for me.
  • Grocery List—incredibly useful for not forgetting anything like I always do!
  • Unit conversion chart—I use a lot of US recipes, and when things are in metric in the UK, this is really helpful! Sadly, I can’t find the one that I printed off any more…
  • Coupons & Vouchers—I don’t have very many of these so I just used mailing envelopes and punched holes in them.

My Home section has:

  • A cleaning schedule—This is important to me. Otherwise I won’t get things cleaned in a timely manner :)
  • Home maintenance—To keep track of house projects that need to be done
  • Travel checklist—Helpful since we do travel a bit. I hate coming up with lists of my own because I’m afraid I’ll forget something. This helps make it more concrete for me.

My Contacts section has:

I also have a few spare page protectors and extra printed sheets stored in the back of my binder for future use. As I said, my binder is always a work in progress as I find things that work, so it’s ever-changing.

Do you have a homemaker binder? What do you put in it?

(Please note that if you download any of my sheets for printing that they’re sized for A4 paper. You’ll need to have your printer shrink it to fit to a letter sized paper to look right.)

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