One of the “chores” we’ve taught Asher is putting the cutlery away in the drawer. It’s usually a slow process with a 22 month-old, but he does manage to get everything (mostly) in the right place. However the other day, Asher decided he wasn’t going to put any cutlery away without first putting each piece in his mouth. Naturally, I told him not to put the cutlery in his mouth. A tantrum followed. After dealing with the tantrum, all I could do was smile and chuckle inwardly: Yup, he’s almost 2.

trying twos 2

It’s true, our little boy is entering the stage of life that is most commonly known as the “terrible twos.” Maybe someone can set me straight, but I really don’t understand why we have to be so negative about two year-old toddlers. Or maybe it’s just my perspective on this stage of Asher’s life. So far it’s not been so much terrible, but trying. In fact, I prefer to refer to this stage as the “trying twos.”

I have to remember that Asher is still learning. He doesn’t know much about the world yet. To him, the world is his classroom every day. Trying as it may be, it’s a joy to teach this little guy how to behave, how to clean up after himself, how to do certain chores, how to use a spoon, how to use the potty. It’s fun to teach him how to kick a ball, do puzzles, and say hello and good-bye.

trying twos 1

Call me na├»ve, but I can’t help but wonder why toddlers get a bad reputation at times. Yes, it can be challenging (and exhausting) to raise a toddler, but for every trying time, there’s bound to be a ray of innocence shining through that just makes those trying times worth it.

For every disobedience, there’s a hug in which he has to lay his head on both of my shoulders.

For every tantrum, there’s a cuddle on the couch while reading books.

For every illness, there’s a little boy singing about apple sauce when he starts to feel better.

For every tear of frustration, there’s a new word learned.

For every toy thrown across the room, there’s a chore to excitedly “help” with.

For every messy fingerprint, there’s a toddler who’s eager to learn.

For every slammed door, there’s a little boy popping out from behind it shouting, “Boo!”

For every dirty nappy, there’s a fun bath time with Daddy.

For every pile of laundry that gets unfolded, there’s a little boy who’s excited about his new car shirt.

These are the things about toddlerhood that make me smile and help me to keep going on those really trying days.