My son Asher’s favourite phrase these days is, “I see ____.” You fill in the blank. “I see Mummy.” “I see Daddy.” “I see Asher.” “I see monkey.” He likes to tell us what he sees.

But he’s seeing a lot more than that these days.

Asher wearing Daddy's Hat

He’s seeing his Mummy and Daddy in the way they interact with one another. He sees when I’m upset or angry and don’t respond in the best way. He sees when I’m sad. He sees when I’m happy.

He’s watching me, my little sponge. He’s learning how to handle life by watching the way that I handle life. And that scares me a little. It reminds me that I need to watch my words, my actions. Leon and I need to be careful how we handle our conflicts when Asher is around.

Because he’s watching us. He sees us. As parents, we need to be models for how to live a Godly life. Knowing that he watches us is humbling. Sometimes I have to admit that I was wrong in the way I responded to a certain situation. Sometimes I have to say I’m sorry.

He sees Mummy. He sees Daddy.

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