It’s time for another Five Minute Friday! I’ll be linking up with the lovely folks over at Lisa-Jo’s today while I await news about my husband’s surgery. And while I can spare a few minutes with Asher playing happily in his room.

Here we go…

tree 1


Playing out in our back garden yesterday afternoon and I decide to rake the leaves up. Asher is kicking a ball around, and I begin to pick up the soggy leaves to put into our compost bin.

It’s then that it strikes me: Just a few months ago, it was still mostly light out, and now it is dusk. It’s cold. Just a few months ago we were running around and playing in our paddling pool. Now I find myself raking the leaves that have fallen off the trees. How fast the seasons change.

tree 2

It strikes me that the changing seasons in the weather are a reminder of the changing seasons in our lives. They come and go, but everything just happens for a season. Asher running around, gingerly stepping over leaves and attempting to help me pick up leaves is just a season in our lives. Having a toddler is just a season. Living in England is just a season.

Of course we’re also about to begin a new season with welcoming a new little one next year.

I love autumn. It’s one of my favourite seasons because of the colours that pop out on the trees. Even though the colours are sometimes not as vibrant here as I remember them being in the US. Still a lovely change in seasons.

It’s a good reminder of the seasons that God brings to us throughout our lives. And the leaves on the trees are that reminder.