As I write this, I have just over 10 weeks to go until my due date. WOW! This pregnancy has flown, probably because I have a sweet toddler who keeps me busy every single day. We’ve had a lot of other things going on to make this pregnancy go fast as well. So here are my reflections from my second trimester.

24 Weeks 3.12.13-001

Initial Thoughts

I’m always so relieved to go to my midwife appointments and hear that sweet heart beating away. It’s a reminder of what a miracle life is! I still get a little nervous when I go in for those appointments, but they give me reassurance that everything seems to be going well!

This pregnancy was easier to enjoy once we got back from Turkey. The switch to strange food did a number on my stomach and sort of prolonged the morning sickness from the first trimester. Once we were back in the UK and eating my usual food again, it got better.

Some parts of this trimester were challenging because of external circumstances in our family. Leon had surgery so I had to share some of Leon’s part of the load around the house as well. It was exhausting, but I’m glad that God gave me strength through it. I’m also glad that Leon had surgery during my 2nd trimester instead of my 3rd!

The Home Birth Debate

Last time I shared how I hadn’t made the decision one way or the other if I’d have another home birth. After much prayer and some lengthy discussion with my midwife, we decided to go with a hospital birth this time around. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but if I had complications like I did with Asher, I’d be gutted if I hadn’t gone to hospital. It’s taken me awhile to be OK with this decision, but at the end of the day, we’ll have a healthy baby. That’s the important thing. It will be nice to be close to the interventions if I need them. I can still have a water birth if I desire. And I’m told the labour ward midwives are good at “leaving me alone” (within reason of course) if I desire to have a natural birth.

Boy or Girl?

At our 20-week scan, we got to peek at whether or not this baby is a boy or girl! We had our guess, and they were indeed correct. Although, Leon really didn’t want to find out so we came to an agreement—we won’t find out the gender of our next baby. I think I can live with that because at this point, I don’t know that I’d want to find out next time anyway. Ask me that again once this baby is born. :)

We also decided not to publicly announce the gender of our baby, so if you’d like to know (or make a guess) please ask me. :) I’ll gladly share that little detail of our lives with you!

On to the Third Trimester!

Oh, it’s so hard to believe there’s not much time left! Earlier this week we bought a couple of new things for the baby on Ebay. Asher is all moved out of the cot (American English = crib) and into a big boy bed. Oh, boy… End of March, here we come!