Almost four months ago, I began weaning Asher. We decided to try the baby-led approach. At first Asher didn’t eat very much. Until about a month ago when it finally started to “click” for him… that the food is good, and is for eating!

He still plays with it a lot though, which is totally fine as long as it doesn’t end up on the floor!

Leon and I have been enjoying watching Asher enjoy his food.

Oh, does this boy love lasagne… and making a mess with it. Hey, the mess is all part of the fun! You can see from the tomato sauce (that looks like a spray tan) that he’s enjoying himself.

One day last week I was eating an apple with my lunch. The only thing was I didn’t get to finish it because Asher decided he wanted it! Oh, well… It probably felt good on his mouth as he has been teething quite badly these days.