Leon and I have had regular date nights ever since we got married and moved to England. The dynamic has changed since Asher was born of course, so we have to be a bit more creative than we used to. Occasionally Leon has brought DVDs home from Asda (the English version of Wal-mart). We sometimes watch films online. The other day Leon suggested that we put Asher in the buggy and go down the road to the local grocery store.

I hear you, “Grocery store?” Yes. A number of the larger grocery stores in this country have cafés in them. It makes it convenient if you want to stop for a cup of tea or coffee with a friend and pick a few things up in the process.

So we headed to Morrisons for a cup of tea, and brought our son along with us. Asher sat in a chair and played quietly while Leon and I could chat and enjoy each other’s company for a while.


Of course, this only works if your baby is younger. If you’re looking for a date night idea that’s inexpensive and/or you can’t get a babysitter, why not take your baby with you?