It’s become a tradition. Every year Leon and I love having Americans (and anyone who’s up for a barbecue) around to celebrate the 4th of July. This year was no different, but it rained all evening. Unfortunately we didn’t have a good turn out because of the rain.¬†We made the most of the weather, and had a good time… indoors!

So for future reference, here’s how to enjoy Independence Day when it rains.

Light some candles indoors.

celebrate a rainy july 4th-1

Set up your barbecue under a tarp.

celebrate a rainy july 4th-3

Invite friends around.

Celebrate a rainy july 4th-5

Eat good food.

celebrate a rainy july 4th-4

Bake a cake and brush up on your American history with a little 4th of July trivia.

celebrate a rainy july 4th-2.jpg

And of course…

Have good conversation with your friends!

I don’t have a photo for this one, but this last tip is probably the most important. Who cares what the weather is like if you have¬†friends around to make memories with?