In case you missed the news (I also subtly alluded to it in my last post), we’re expecting a little one in March! We’re so thankful for God’s goodness to us, and now that I’m past certain milestones in this pregnancy I feel like I can finally share about it. I hardly shared about my pregnancy with Asher because—well, I don’t exactly remember why. However, I want to do it this time. But rather than bore you with weekly updates, I thought I’d write a post for each trimester.

(And just so you know, I’m about a month behind on posting this as I’m already 17 weeks as I’m writing this! Hopefully the next post won’t be so behind.)

Initial Thoughts

Up until this point, I have been rather nervous about this pregnancy after losing a baby earlier this year. In the early days it was hard to be excited because of the fear of losing another little one. When I had my first midwife appointment, she was able to refer me to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at hospital for an early scan. Being able to see our baby on the screen with a little heartbeat ticking away was so reassuring!

Would you believe that I got nervous again when I had the usual dating scan at 12 weeks? Yeah, I’ll probably be nervous every time we go in for a scan or listen for the heartbeat.

One thing that helped put this pregnancy into perspective was the book, Celebrating Pregnancy Again. It was about finding joy in pregnancy again after experiencing a loss. The author was encouraging in sharing her experiences, and it was kind of the “kick” I needed to begin enjoying this pregnancy.

The Home Birth Debate

At my dating scan, I got to see a midwife after the scan was done to discuss a plan for going forward. Here, we discussed at length my antenatal and postnatal history. This of course brought up the subject of whether or not I should have another home birth. At that point I was keen on another home birth, but the midwife we were chatting with had a different opinion because of how things went following Asher’s birth. The midwife was going to ask a consultant and get back to me once we got back from Turkey, so at this point I haven’t made a decision one way or the other.

I wanted to continue the discussion with my midwife anyway because she knows my story better. I’d love to have a home birth again, but I’m not certain if it would be wise considering what happened after Asher was born. We’ll see what comes of this discussion in the coming weeks!

On to the 2nd Trimester!

I’m so relieved to be past 12 weeks at last! I feel like I can finally start enjoying this pregnancy.

It was also nice to be pregnant when my due date for our “angel baby” came about. It was still a tough day, but it was better knowing that we’re still expecting a new little life in March!