I love Thanksgiving. It’s probably my favourite holidays. I confess that I had a hard time with it this year, though. Seeing all of my friends in the US talk about their Thanksgivings, their shortened week and time with family made me homesick for the US.

Yes, I know that I’ve spent Thanksgiving in the UK before. This is my third year living in the UK. My first year here, not being in the US for Thanksgiving didn’t phase me—probably because we were newly weds. Last year we were actually in the US. This year was difficult at first because not being with my family for Thanksgiving had become a reality.

Fortunately, there are a few Americans on our team in Carlisle so we had our own Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday. Everyone contributed to the meal by bringing a dish. Most everything was “traditional” Thanksgiving food. OK, parsnips aren’t exactly an American food, but when you live outside the US, sometimes you can improvise. :) We even had cranberry sauce!

We spent the afternoon at a friend’s home. You might be impressed to hear that 21 of us comfortably crammed into a small British house. :) Asher did really well with the interruption to his routine and being surrounded by all kinds of people.

Everyone had a good time. I’m glad we had a “family” of sorts to spend Thanksgiving with.

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