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When Leon and I realised we hadn’t had a weekend away since Asher was born, we knew something had to be done. By weekend away, I mean spending a night somewhere else while Asher is with a babysitter. One of our challenges with this is that we don’t live near family who are (more than likely) a little more willing to babysit overnight. To ask a friend here to babysit Asher overnight seemed like a big ask.

However, we both knew that getting away for a weekend would be really good for our marriage, and it would also be good for Asher to be in someone else’s care for a couple nights. After we got back from Turkey we asked a friend if she’d be willing to babysit for a weekend so we could get away. We’re so thankful she agreed to watch our son so we could get away!

Edinburgh is quite often a destination for us when we want to get away. It’s pretty close to where we live, and we’ve been a handful of times, either by ourselves or with family or friends. It’s nice to not feel like we need to see all of the city in the time that we’re there because we can always go back.

We had a nice laid back weekend. After spending some time at the Museum of Scotland, we finally got our tour of Scottish Parliament! We also had dinner at our favourite restaurant in Edinburgh before we headed back to our hostel. After a wander through Princes Street Gardens on Sunday morning, we headed back to Carlisle.

I am so thankful for our time away! I think it ended up being good for all of us, including Asher.

I’ve begun to count 1000 gifts as part of my Giving Thanks Daily challenge in November. Will you join me in telling God you’re thankful for the gifts He’s given you? (Warning: It’s not going to stop after November is over!)

1. Warm coffee
2. Pumpkin bread
3. Pub meal with Leon
4. Sweater weather!
5. My purple winter coat
6. Warm fuzzy slippers
7. Time away with Leon
8. Asher had a good time while we were away
9. A friend who was willing to babysit Asher overnight
10. Laundry to wash (because it means I have a family to take care of)
11. Banana bread
12. Our 3 years of marriage

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